Service Management

An essential element in the Service Management is ongoing communication with the client, seeking a balance between their needs, technical feasibility and cost of service, always ensuring that the customer is part of the process.

In order to provide quality service and personalized Apemtic, will analyze the characteristics of your organization, its objectives, its image, positioning, etc.. Based on the information provided, our specialists will work for a full integration of the technological aspects in the functioning and image of your company.

Overcome the planning, installation and commissioning as requirements analysis, it is time to ensure the availability of services for their daily development work.

The Service Management , which provides Apemtic, aims to minimize the impact of sudden and serious disruption of services offered for your organization. To this end, our strategy combines the following:

  • Proactive : anticipate and avoid looking for a serious disruption of service.

  • Reagents : its purpose is to resume service as soon as possible (and recommended) after the disaster.

Achieving this type of strategy is often underestimated because its benefits are visible only in the long term, it is expensive and lacks direct profitability. Therefore it is necessary a special involvement of the agents involved to be a safe investment that will ensure your organization's technology.

  • Creating plans for prevention and recovery appropriate to the needs of your organization.

  • Monitoring of resources and services.

  • Review and update plans and procedures.

  • Policy evaluation and impact assessment of critical resources.

  • Analysis of risks and vulnerabilities.

  • Continuity strategies and evolution of services.

  • Protocols for action in extreme situations.

  • Supervision and control measures.

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