Resource Management

The Resource Management ICT has to do with the way they plan, organize, direct and control IT assets, so that all costs involved (acquisition, maintenance, training, use, infrastructure, etc..) are optimized. This is a serious responsibility, because the investment does not end with the acquisition of the resource, technological infrastructure, the preparation of personnel who use the technology and maintaining it, are a constant cycle that repeats until you finish the life span of information assets.

Our staff with solid training and updated technological skills, administrative and social is the ideal solution to administer, manage and integrate the technology infrastructure of your organization. The activities related to the management of computing resources are related to:

  • Globally:
    • Propose policies, standards and procedures based on the Organization.
    • Define policies for use of resources in the organization, its availability and support.
    • Ensuring that authorized users to use the resources make good use of them.
    • Implementation of auditing procedures and operational assessments.
    • Safety practices and disaster recovery.
    • Contingency plans.
  • Hardware Management:
    • Inventory control.
    • Provisioning and restoration in order to ensure continuity of the processes of the Organization.
    • Selecting new staffing needs based on objective requirements: manufacturer, supplier, warranty, price ...
    • Maintenance and prevention of unplanned downtime.
  • Management Software:
    • Define standards, policies and procedures.
    • Acquisition and implementation of services for development work.
    • Selection and application development for users.
    • Application Control and versions.

In the areas of computer science as in any other area of the organization, the most important element is the human resource, the staff is the most important asset. It is therefore necessary to establish measures to:

  • Establish management poliíticas to global changes.
  • Identify training needs of personnel assigned to the technological areas.
  • Design and implement policies and work procedures that allow staff to optimize the resources allocated to them.

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