Incident Management

We define any anomalous effect that seems out of context computing standards established by the organization. The main objective of our technicians is solved, as quickly and efficiently as possible, any incident that causes a disruption in service to our customers.

The troubleshooting methodology conducted by Apemtic divides the process into five phases clearly differentiated and defined to detect the problem from the beginning and collect all the data relating thereto and its possible solutions, to further implement the chosen solution and track it to see if the problem has been finally resolved.

These phases are:

  • Identification and Registration of Incident

  • Problem Analysis

  • Possible Solutions Proposed

  • Implementation of the Solution

  • Monitoring Solution

Using open applications to customers and users, they can open, close and validating service orders to be constantly informed about the status of their incidents, actions taken and the solutions that are implemented to prevent a recurrence.

Our customers can go directly to the historical records and obtain operational reports, from which to measure quality parameters in the resolution of such incidents.

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