The ICT has transformed the way we work and our everyday life: reading the newspaper, shop online, etc.. Today, they are key to making our work more effective: bringing partners and friends using video conferencing, allowing collaborative work on social networks, managing resources and promoting our work in the network.

Well managed, the ICT enable organizations to offer more, allow us to be efficient on a global basis and have time to continue doing what we most desire.

Based on our common development stakes could not be another offer ICT :

  • Open : Because it is based on standards established and well documented. The system is characterized as Open Source .

  • Free : No means no cost for an initial license or for updates.

  • Scalable : The system can grow and adapt as their needs require.

  • Reliable : They are tools developed and tested by thousands of users.

  • Modular : It is possible to add new modules to implement new functions, either by the need to include a new technology or a new approach to existing ones.

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