The ideal solution to manage their IT infrastructure through automated inventory and asset management.
Every organization faces the challenge of increasing ever more efficiency and productivity

activity. However, the search for improvement opportunities typically has focused on machinery, processes and management software, and has been set aside an area of great potential in the active management of information technology (IT). Apemtic offers a solution for complete control over the administration of computer activity in the network. Making an inventory, you can get full visibility on their respective computers and hardware components, with full details of characteristics of processors, disks, memory, etc. and supported software on them. More than just a tool for organizing information about your hardware and software, facilitates the management of incidents. It also allows reports to analyze performance of current and historical status of all its infrastructure, which facilitates better decision making.


Strategic benefits to the organization:

  • Significant reduction in inventory costs.
  • Increased availability of preventive maintenance.
  • Improved decision making by having better information.
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