Web Design and Development

Design and custom development

Our design and programming team will help in baking and development of websites with high aesthetic quality and content. Intranet, extranet or whatever their choice will be screened using technologies with a real return to their goals as an organization.

When do we deliver a portal ready for use so we also include:

  • Optimizing the working method
  • Positioning in major search engines
  • Alternatives for traffic generation
  • Online Marketing Strategy

Content Management System

"A content management system (Content Management System in English, abbreviated CMS ) is a program that allows you to create a support structure (framework) for the creation and content management by participants mainly in web pages , by managers, editors, participants and other roles. "

In other words, a software installed on a server that allows us to create a decentralized web. Thus we have full freedom to modify any text on the site without any knowledge of HTML or programming. Development is finally opened to turn the page on a tool as easy to upgrade as text documents we work with regularly and thus convert the publication and creation of all types of content (photos, articles, videos, forums, ... ) in an easy and affordable to everyone.

What types of CMS available?

Many, this is rated to get an idea. Our recommendation goes through one of the best known:

What use is it for my company?

What is better for my organization?

What do I need to install a CMS?

How I can manage my CMS?

¿I can customize the look?

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