It's time for your business to move online.

Electronic commerce is a technology service that allows business operations and the sale of goods and services using electronic systems, such as personal computers, telephones, tablets, etc. .. and essential today. In short, this virtual market allows us to have at our disposal a large shopping mall to walk for an easy and fast from anywhere thanks to the existence of large digital communications networks worldwide, facilitating transactions between the parties involved .

The benefits of electronic commerce are obvious. The buyer can quickly see all the electronic storefront and not have to go store to store in search of the desired product. It also optimizes the time customer, you do not have to wait long queues for treatment. For its part, the seller also benefits because it can offer their products without physically showing the buyer. Other benefits of electronic commerce are:

  • Significantly expands the potential market of companies
  • Empowers small and medium businesses access to markets that otherwise would have vetoed by their high cost.
  • Uninterrupted availability at lower cost.
  • Ease of incorporating new products and services and new business lines.
  • Improving communication and customer service.
  • Direct transaction with the customer, avoiding intermediaries.
  • Centralized billing, collection, financing and logistics.
  • Physical cost reduction

 Shops Network

Managers of virtual catalogs allow you to control and complete maintenance of your store without having prior experience or knowledge . Allowing the management of their business from any device with Internet access .


PrestaShop : Project of French origin affordable for every need. Noted for its simplicity. It is also a very fast and light application. He has been awarded best e-commerce application in 2010 and 2011.

Magento : Today one of the managers most commonly used in the field of large virtual stores where you really see the potential of this application. The administration and management of this tool is complicated and requires a good knowledge and a good server for hosting.

OpenCart : It is a good alternative for SMBs, easy to use, powerful, fast and visually appealing interface.

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