Managed servers.

What is a managed server?

A managed server is a dedicated server for the client, either by rental or purchase, and therefore has all the resources at their disposal. The customer may decide to offer services and packages to suit your needs.

Why are our managed servers?

For some companies have a volume of resources for their organization should not only is a necessity if not an obligation. In many cases it is more economical contratacción of these teams that the management and maintenance in the workplace. With our servers, you will be assured of availability of the services contracted forget about any administrative task such as security, performing backups, configuration and maintenance for your organization do not stop. 

  Main benefits.

   Opting for a managed server to the client brings different benefits:

    Security.  If the customer is looking for maximum security for your data, choose our servers is the best option.

    Performance.  If the client chooses a managed server, all machine resources are for your exclusive use.

    Customization.  The customer has the power management and decision on the contracted services in the machine. And the direct consequence of this is greater control and adaptability to their own needs.

    Coste.  It is the most economical way to manage a server by qualified and always available.

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