Shared printer

The management of the printing elements is usually a critical task for any organization. One of the most obvious benefits is the efficient use of printing resources thanks to the accessibility from anywhere in the organization. In spite of the tremendous investments made with the intention of obtaining the maximum advantage of the latest technologies and devices, traditionally experienced a bottleneck or inefficiency when printing from a network. The dilemma is that many network administrators and IT managers are not even aware of this problem, let alone what the solution is adequate, which would provide a better network performance based on improving the capabilities of this in terms of print jobs. The definitive answer is a standalone device, called multiprotocol print server that, when configuring the network should be given the same priority as other core elements. The combination of printer management and authentication of users and groups centrally, to segment the use of printers in the organization, assigning permissions to use by users, groups or departments. Thus, it is also possible to save the investment of printing elements.

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